Web Analytics

A great website ensures an effective online presence for your business. However, it is not a surety that it will attract the audience you always wanted. It is here that Olive Web Hosting – a premier hosting company in New Delhi, India – steps in.

Our professionals take care of your concerns and turn your site into a potent marketing tool. From in-depth traffic analysis to deep insights into visitor behaviour, we undertake comprehensive web analytics to ensure that your site gets online visibility like never before.

Using tools like Google Analytics, Urchin Web Stats, Webalizer, and AWStats, we enable you to get a better understanding as to where your visitors come from and how they can interact better with your site. These tools also track the log details, determining the pages that are most requested, how your visitors navigate, which search engines and phrases they use, and how much time they actually spend on the site.

Advantage Olive
  • Real-time web analytics

  • Round-the-clock analysis and continually-updated reports.

  • Scalable and secure website analysis that’ll provide an insight into the behaviour of your prospective customers.

  • Excellent customer support service and help desk.

  • Reliable analytics data on your target traffic that’ll help you formulate business strategies