About Us

Web hosting is a prerequisite for businesses that aim to generate profits through the online medium. To ensure that your site is available 24X7X365 to a globally-interspersed audience, you ought to have a hosting partner that delivers customisable solutions that can be implemented across all technology platforms.

Olive Web Hosting is a full service division of Olive e-Business, a premier web solutions company based in New Delhi, India. When it comes to safeguarding your servers, we give you the best in hosting plans, management, security, and customer support.

We operate from a state-of-the-art development centre in India, and have business development centres in the UK, Dubai, Muscat, Canada, and Finland. Ten years of industry experience and unparalleled technological brilliance has helped us cater to our 500-plus global client base.

Moreover, we are an ISO 9001:2000 certified company and a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner - credentials that give us a competitive edge in the industry. Consequently, all our business processes cater to international standards of quality, and, we also enjoy easy access to Microsoft-oriented tools and technology.

Our servers – located in the UK, the US and India – have all necessary hardware, software and control features that help you run your online operations with minimal hassles. Not just that, our strategic alliance with Rackspace, one of the world’s biggest data centres, has helped us provide a highly reliable and secure hosting environment to our clients. 

Olive Web Hosting’s premium hosting plans are perfected to suit the discerning needs of each of our clients. Foolproof security and dedicated customer support, coupled with highly-competitive pricing, presents an irresistible package to buyers looking for the most ideal website hosting services. Our customer retention rate of over 90 percent is a clear testimony to our outstanding performance over the years.