Backup Services

Data collected over the years can be the most crucial asset of a business. However, if not backed up properly, it can fast turn into a liability and lead to losses which cannot be compensated for. At Olive Web Hosting, we provide reliable backup services that safeguard your vital data for a long time to come. 

Our servers – located in the UK, the US and India – safeguard your business through a data backup service that is highly reliable and comprehensive. Now you can conveniently accumulate data and save them for contingencies.

Advantage Olive
  • Our servers are placed in a secure environment that provides for hundred percent power backup and high-tech hardware and software features to protect your data.

  • Whether it is Windows or Linux-based platform, we have the staff, expertise and experience to protect your valuable business data against hackers, computer viruses, power failures, fire, or for that matter, even against natural disasters.

  • Stored and securely transmitted to redundant remote data centres, the data can be retrieved effortlessly through our remote vaults and tapes 24x7x365.

  • We provide you with RAID 1 Aka Mirroring Backup and Legato Backup Agent to simultaneously save your data to the hard disk.

  • Our solutions are fully automated yet reliable, making it easier than ever to take a backup of your crucial data and information.

  • The minimal employee time and resources going to your backups can redirect your focus where it should be on your core business.