SSL Certificate Installation

Online data security and confidentiality can go a long way in propelling your business on the Net. Being essential elements of e-commerce and shopping cart transactions, they can make all the difference in turning your site into a success story.

In tune with such changing requirements, at Olive Web Hosting we believe Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol is fast becoming a universal standard for authenticating sites and for encrypting of communication between users and web servers.

Thereby, having an SSL Certificate, even if it is not on an e-commerce website, instils a sense of security in users during their surfing experience. Moreover, the site will also allow users to submit their credit card details and orders over the Internet without any hitches.

Installation of the certificate will give your prospective customers a real-time confirmation about the validity of your site and the ownership of the domain for which the SSL certificate has been purchased.

Advantage Olive
  • We offer SSL Certificates from Thawte, an offshoot of Verisign - one of the most trusted names in digital certification. These certificates are easily recognizable by global e-users and therefore instill authenticity that gives users a sense of security while showcasing sensitive information on the website.

  • We also offer certificates from Comodo and Verisign, the other renowned players in this field.

  • We not only help our clients obtain SSL certificates, but also install and maintain them throughout the tenure of our contract.