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Cloud Computing Hosting

The stupendous growth of Web-based applications and storage of data on the Internet has given birth to cloud computing. The perfect solution to the problem of horizontal scalability, cloud computing is aimed at a wider, technologically-diversified audience.

Partnered with the Best

At Olive, we have partnered with Mosso the world leader in this field to provide a cloud computing platform that is highly performance-oriented, powerful, and infinitely scalable.

Variety Hosting

Built upon a cross-platform, clustered computing architecture, this kind of hosting overcomes the limitation of traditional shared/dedicated hosting by providing more computing power to your application with increasing business requirements.
PHP 4 & 5, My SQL 4 & 5, Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python
IIS 7, NET 2,3+3.5, MS SQL 2k5
POP, IMAP, Webmail

Managed Hosting Environment

As users, all you need to do is code your applications and load them on the web. We will take care of issues like monitoring, configuration, security, scaling, etc. In fact, without adding any extra hardware, you can keep updating and configuring your software accordingly.

Web 2.0 Oriented

We enable you to launch and scale Web 2.0 applications quickly and efficiently through cloud architecture. Our solutions are thereby highly feasible for e-businesses, social networks, and searches.

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